Wales 2018

Not owning a telescope need not be a problem. But binoculars can be an advantage.

Those who wish to book a meal on arrival can book to eat at New House Farm whether or not you are staying there. We normally arrive for evening meal on Fridays. The departure is up to you. Some stay until Monday.

Here is a few facts about our observing sites.
Do not rely on the postcode in GPS, it is too wide an area.
On googlemaps New House Farm is labelled with the hosts names J&S Ievers

A general map of location in Wales

Smaller map of the district

OS map with 1km grid of both farms

Aerial view New house farm

Aerial view Lane Farm

The weather is king. When it is clear Wales is often clear of air pollution and the nights can be very good. When cloudy, we revert to plan B which involves red wine or other liquids.

The roads can be wet when raining. If your car is very precious or low-slung, beware that a bit of wading might be necessary on the last mile before New House Farm, although any flooding is short lived at this elevation.