Astronomy at Farley Hill (any date TBN)

NEW! At request of the club all vehicles must stay on the car-parking when inside the gates.


You are here because you have been prior notified by our google or yahoo pages. Please take your update information from those sources or email from Alun Halsey as to dates and times. This page may not be updated but contains permanent info about the facility.

We are indebted to Farley Hill Cricket Club for the site. Which has proved valuable for observing meteor showers and 2015’s total lunar eclipse, and as a monthly or impromptu venue for all society observing. With a stand of trees on 3 sides and being to the south of urban Reading and its future development it is well protected from stay light.

Astronomy can be a social activity! Anoraks are for wearing.

Details of next session

Nothing planned but the site is available at any time.

Send a text to 07510 444 630 – mention Farley Hill and member’s name and the time you will be out there. Or use the google and yahoo groups to ceate a group session.

For regular dates watch google or yahoo group for any proposed dates.

Text messages
We find the weather can change quickly and we need to advise times or even cancel at late notice.  Members can be put on a text-message list. Send a text to 07510 444 630 – mention Farley Hill and your name.

Location maps

Church Lane, Farley Hill, RG7 1UL
Please do not rely on the postcode-in-satnav method. This is a good site but it is obscured by trees and the postcode fix is not even in the same road. If we park vehicles out of sight of the road it may look as if no-one is there.
The SatNav fix is: 51.376863, -0.919794  (This will take you to the pedestrian gate with a path that negotiates the side of the pavilion)

Observing can be arranged at any time. We confirm our use with the cricket club by text so please remember to request before our contact’s bedtime! In recent weeks we have begun to use twitter as well which also serves to invite members of the cricket club to join us if they want. We like to be sociable so we usually inform the other members that you are going in case they can join you. But if you really don’t want company let us know.

Generally starting time is notified by text message* or email. The gate can be opened for car-park access on request, but do not drive or manoeuvre on the grass. There is a pedestrian gate behind the pavilion which generally is sufficient. Have a good torch for moving around the pavilion as there are obstructions, but revert to astro-standards when safe.

It is a cricket pitch so keep all activity to the perimeters. The wicket square may not be roped off. There are no toilets.

Sessions have no time limit, but expect equipment to dew up eventually.

*If you would like to be on the text list send text with your mobile number and membership number/name or to 07510 444 630

Play or watch, Cricket!

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