ERF notes for members

Information sheet for Stand holders

Stand Questions: 07786 917 063 (Matt)
Information Desk: 07976 20 50 80 (Richard)
Emergencies: In case of emergencies, call 999.
Then let the information desk know so we can expect the emergency services. If first aid is needed, contact the information desk.
Although very unlikely, if there is an emergency, instructions will be communicated via organisers and the PA systems. If this happens, just walk away from the site but do not use the stadium road or park footpath as these need to be clear for emergency vehicles.
Setup You can set up from 8am to 11:30am. When you arrive, please look for a steward (in a high visibility vest) in order to find out exactly where you should set up. During setup you can move vehicles on site (being careful). Confirm there are no trip hazards and all your equipment and stand is tidy and as safe as possible.
Parking Stands in rows A-C……….. Park behind your stand Stands in row D…………….. Park on your stand or in the car park (not behind your stand) Food Stands in row F……. Park on your stand or on the side away from the stage Please ensure all your vehicles are parked by 11:30am. During the event no vehicles on the park are allowed to move (apart from emergency or accessibility vehicles).
End of show Breakdown starts at 6pm. NOT BEFORE. After 6pm, you can move your vehicles to your stand to clear up. Please be extra vigilant as there will be other people around. You have until 10pm to clear your stand, though it is likely that you will need far less time than that.
Illness If you suffer any illness, need any first aid, or anyone else on site needs first aid, the first point of contact should be the first aiders on site. You can contact them via the Information Desk.
Toilets The main toilets are in the stadium building which is open from 9am to 6pm. Additional toilets (including accessible) are provided.
Information For any other enquiries, please ask at the information desk as all our activities are based from there. The information desk is the first when you drove into the park.
Waste We will have multiple bins on the site. Please put all your rubbish in them. We will have volunteers picking up litter and small litter bins for the public. If we have enough volunteers, we will send them round to collect any rubbish you have and to empty the bins.
Lost people Any lost children / parents / vulnerable adults, please contact any organiser, volunteer or the information desk.
Vouchers We give out £5 vouchers (increased from last year) to our volunteers who give up their time to help make the event a success. Please accept £5 vouchers for food or any other product / service you sell. When you return them to us (by 6:30pm) you will be given £5 for each one.
Volunteers We are all volunteers. None of us is paid to do this – we do it to create a great community festival. Any help you can give to assist us is welcome. Also if you want to be on the team for next year, please get in touch.
Comments If you have any feedback (e.g. suggestions for next year), please drop them off at the information booth (there will be paper and pens for your comments). All feedback is welcome and you may see things from a stall perspective that organisers do not see.

East Reading Festival is not responsible or liable for any activities or incidents outside its control.

East Reading Festival 2019: Setup Plan

If you want the originals they are here....


CTEER stands for
Churches Together for Earley and East Reading