Alderney 1969

I served as one of the first three controllers at the new unit at Alderney Airport.

Alderney, Channel Islands
N49.708845° W2.214747°

In 1969 the aerodrome control was done from Guernsey airport on advisory basis with safety provided by the leading fireman observing from the control tower. In that year an approved ATC unit was established with a complement of three ATCOs and these images are from April to September of that year.

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Phil Fountain.

Our first boss. The affable Phil Fountain.

Dave Simonet Jim Hammond

Dave Simonet (painting) Jim Hammond. in background.


The CAFU Dove


Fire service exercises always important.


John Cadoret in wheel-changing mode.


Peter Plant ATCO

la trigale

Our accommodation. Often with tourists peering in the windows.

alderney apt

ATC and Fire Station


The aerodrome looking north.

Bill Webster

Bill Webster


Our most treasured possesion and I was privileged to drive it! Morris Commercial Tipper.

Here is a gallery of aircraft types using Alderney in 1969